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Knockout and Breakdown ponies finalized!

Ok, holy shit. I finally finished drawing something. So I redid them a little bit and colored it all up not-in-iScribble style this time. Breakdown is no longer a pegasus, I was attempting to use the wings as a bit of a ‘flare’ to make up for the silver pauldrons that jut from his shoulders but then I was like “You know what… if he has wings this is gonna screw with the Seeker class if I decide to draw them later.” So boop, Earth pony. If it’s any consolidation he’s a fecking big strong one at that, even moreso than Earth ponies naturally. His cutie mark is a fist btw sorry if it looks like a lump.

Knockout is indeed a unicorn, despite his crest looking normal to his robot mode, I just figured it already looked enough like a horn and making it slant would just have him looking weird, so it’s a horn. Made perfect sense for him to be unicorn class, especially considering the doctoring position and such. You need some form of hands for that, believe me. He has Rarity tones to him too, heh. Cutie mark is the Cybertronian medic symbol which is basically our symbol with a piece pulled from the side and the black and white… things. You’re free to make up any meaning of symbolism that you want for those. Enjoy. :3

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